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Ogun Kills on the Right

Ogun kills on the right and destroys on the right.
Ogun kills on the left and destroys on the left.
Ogun kills suddenly in the house and suddenly in the field.
Ogun kills the child with the iron with which it plays.
Ogun kills in silence.

Ogun kills the thief and the owner of stolen goods.
Ogun kills the owner of the house and paints the hearth with his blood.

Ogun is the forest god.
He gives all his clothes to the beggars.
He gives one to the woodock--who dyes it in indigo.
He gives one to the coucal--who dyes it in camwood.
He gives one to the cattle egret--who leaves it white.

Ogun's laughter is no joke.
His enemies scatter in all directions.
The butterflies do not have to see the leopard...
they scatter in all directions!

Master of iron, chief of robbers,
you have water, but you bathe in blood.
The light shining in your face is not easy to behold.
Ogun, with the bloody cap, let me see the red of your eye.

Ogun is not like pounded yam:
do you think you can knead him in your hand
and eat of him until you are satisfied?
Do you think Ogun is something you can throw into your cap
and walk away with it?

Ogun is a mad god
who will ask questions after seven hundred and eighty years.
Ogun has pity on me:
whether I can reply, or whether I cannot reply:
Ogun don't ask me anything!

The lion never allows anybody to play with his cub.
Ogun will never allow his child to be punished.
Ogun do not reject me!
Does the woman who spins ever reject a spindle?
Does the woman who dyes ever reject a cloth?
Does the eye that sees ever reject a sight?
Ogun, do not reject me.
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